“Over the last two years I’ve witnessed first-hand Gretta’s growth from everyday designer to one fluent in tackling complex rich media solutions. Her command of layout and type, coupled with her critical thinking skills and ability to execute elaborate, interactive user experiences, have made Gretta a powerhouse in our department.

As team leader, Gretta’s skill in bringing out the best in her fellow designers is second to none. She is unparalleled in seeing the big picture and is consistently able to identify and place the right designers in the right roles, ensuring that our clients are being delivered the best possible creatives.”

RYAN ABNEY » Digital Media Designer II | Gannett


“I am so proud to be able to recommend Gretta for her services as a graphic design intern for our company. Gretta was a pleasure to work with. Her smile alone helped make the work day much more pleasant. Gretta was proficient and managed her projects on time. She was able to work well under pressure and always showed wonderful professionalism. I would definitely recommend Gretta for future projects and positions in the design field.”

MANDY MADARAS » Executive Assistant at DESA Records


“Gretta has been great to work with on designing our webpage. She is very responsive to our needs and she is a great communicator. Having someone able to answer emails quickly and in a timely manner is very important. We are extremely satisfied with her artistic work , her professional demeanor, and will be using her services more in the future.”

GENIE SMITH » Chronicles of the Void


“Gretta did some fantastic work for our company and even though she was not initially familiar with our market or clientele she was eager to learn and very attentive to our goals and vision. Gretta brought a unique aesthetic style to the marketing work she did for us which we have not received from any other designers. I found her to be flexible, able to keep up with our project despite the fact that we changed our minds and direction frequently. All of the work she did for us was on time, and she was able to adjust her schedule to accomplish the deadlines we placed on the project. I am very pleased with the work she did for us, and will certainly use her again in the future.”

WEDGE SMITH » Owner | Anvil and Thorns Entertainment

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